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Antique Fishing Reels

Inventions, inventors, and makers of reels
in the United States through 1920

by Steven K. Vernon

Are you interested in the origins and early development of multiplying, fly-fishing, spinning, trolling, Indiana-style, automatic reels and rod/reel combinations?

Are you interested in the origins and early development of drags, anti-backlash brakes, level winds, freespool clutches, and other reel features?

Are you interested in stories of early U.S. makers, such as Conroy, Crook, the Rodgers, Karr, the Lewises, Judge, Alt, Walker, and others, who did not patent their reels?

Are you interested in stories of little-known, early reelmaking companies, such as Acme Reel Co., Spring Reel Co., D.W. & J.D. Clark, Watertown Rod & Reel Co., Yankee Fishing Reel Co., and others?

Antique Fishing Reels contains all of the above and stories of hundreds of better-known makers and reel inventors. Many of the makers have been newly discovered, and some date from before the Civil War. The book explains and illustrates over 500 early reel patents. It includes over 1000 illustrations: drawings, advertisements, and photos, most of which are in color.

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Comments from some fellow collectors:

"[Vernon's] 2nd edition of Antique Fishing Reels is everything the first edition was but on steroids...If you only have one volume in your library on antique fishing reels, this should be it." - David Lehmann, past President of ORCA

"Absolutely incredible book"

"...a definitive work"

"... a great & helpful book"

"...it will be put to constant use!"

"Any reel collector who does not own this book is not serious about collecting."

"A top quality book throughout and a must have for any serious angling student."

"...the best, most complete book on US reels and reel makers." - John Elder, past President of ORCA

ANTIQUE FISHING REELS is available from the ORCA Store. For further information, please email Stue Publishing or email me.